A new space in coming!
We’re currently preparing to launch a new site in Hackney Wick - Trowbridge Gardens - Work spaces, Allotments, Gardens, Fitness club, Gallery, Event space, Workshop spaces and a Cafe - all this for and (hopefully) by the people of the area, whether working, living or just having fun. The project is made with support from Hackney Council and the GLA’s Good Growth Fund.

This is an amazing opportunity and together with your help with can make it even better! We ask for your donaiton, anything from £2 and above. We have until the 15th to show local support and we will receive match funding by our cool mayor!


White Post Lane E9

Nothing available at the moment.
Email us to be on a waiting list.

Wallis Road E9

  • Unit 2 - Semi shared 110 sqft

Email us to be on a waiting list.

Dalston E8

We are open! Email us for viewing


  • Coming soon

Lea Bridge Road E10

  • Unit 13 - 130sqft

Camberwell SE5

Nothing available at the moment             Email us to be on a waiting list

Walthamstow E17

  • Coming Soon

Venue for hire se5

Click for more info.

Poplar E14

  • Unit 9 - 100 sqft

London City Island E14

  • Unit 9 - Semi Open

  • Desk spaces

Dagenham RM10