Market parade, leyton green E10

In partnership with Fashion District and London College of Fashion, and LB Waltham Forest, we’re launching a new creative fashion hub on Market Parade, 778 to 782 High Road, Leyton, E10 6AE. The new space, which was formerly a vacant Morrisons supermarket, features 14 studios will be created as well as a flexible public area where events and courses can be held. Cute communal area and original features!

Prices start from £300pcm, most of the units benefit of natural light and are on street level. The site is located in a busy area and would be suitable for whoever is willing to show and sell his products. Fashion and textile designers are particularly welcome!




Market Parade, 778 to 782 High Road, Leyton, E10 6AE.

Available studios:

Site will open in July. Get in touch!

  • ST 1 (Natural light) 139.1sqft

  • ST 2 (Natural light) 128.4sqft

  • ST 3 (Natural light) 128.4sqft

  • ST 4 (Natural light) 128.4sqft

  • ST 5 117.7sqft

  • ST 6 9101.65sqft

  • ST 7 101.65sqft

  • ST 9 107sqft

  • ST 10 133.75sqft

  • ST 11 96.3sqft

  • ST 12 53.5sqft

  • ST 13 (With Sink) 139.1sqft

  • Please use the form for more info and be on a waiting list

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