London City Island E14

Launched in October 2017, arebyte’s new artistic spaces will secure a future for its creative residents whilst maintaining its grassroots approach. This relocation is the result of a collaboration between Ballymore, the developers of London City Island; the pioneering Studiomakers initiative, in association with the Mayor of London; and arebyte Gallery.

The site comprises 15 self contained units, 6 open spaces and 20 desk spaces available.

Some great things about this site:
Waste management, onsite maintenance, large kitchen and dining area, paint sink, double glazing, high ceilings and parking for your cars and bikes + river views!




Hercules House, 18 Botanic Square
Leamouth Peninsula, London E14 0LH

Available studios:

  • Studio 12 - 120sqft - £350 for commercial and £250 for artists.

  • Studio 4 - 280sqft - £394 for artists

  • Studio 10 - 100sqft - £325 for commercial and £225 for artists. 

  • Desks at £200 per month

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